All of our actions will determine how successful we are.

Please take the time to read the information below very carefully and please be sure everyone on your team is aware. Being socially responsible is critical to our success.

Do I have to wear a face mask? / Do I have to social distance?

● Current state and county regulations call for masks or cloth face coverings in public when close contact is

unavoidable. While these regulations are in place, we will require masks or cloth face coverings to enter any buildings

including bathrooms.

● A face covering is not required while outdoors in public spaces unless maintaining a physical distance of 6ft from persons who are not the same household is not possible.

● A face covering is required as ordered by Shelby County Health Department if within 12ft of other individuals on the sidelines of games shouting, cheering, and were loud speech is occurring.

● Other areas NOT directly surrounding the fields of play, common areas, pathways, parking lots, and bathrooms

individuals must maintain 6ft social distance.

● Coaches, Players, and Referees are not required to wear a face covering while engaged in games. However, substitutes must be 6ft apart or wear a face mask.

Mike Rose Soccer Complex Information

1. Parking: There is a $10.00 parking charge per vehicle. Please try and bring the exact change to help speed up vehicles going through the front gate (Forest Hill Irene entrance). All parking workers will be wearing masks/gloves and will have completed a temperature check at the beginning of each shift. Please review your game schedule and the Complex Field Map before arriving to view the best location for you to park for the day. Please do not crowd parking lots waiting for a vehicle to leave. Use common sense and move on to another parking lot with more space.

2. Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizing stations have been placed at entrance ways to fields and in the bathrooms. Either

directly mounted on the white fence/wall or on moveable wood posts. We also strongly encourage all guests to bring and use their own hand sanitizer.

3. Temperature Checks: All players, coaches and referees will be required to undergo a temperature check prior to their first game on each day of the event.  Once complete, the player/coach/referee will receive a wrist band that approves them to play for that day.  No player/coach/referee will be able to participate without the appropriate wrist band.   Temperature check areas will be located in between fields 2,3,4,5, and 6,7,8,9 and 10,11,12,13 and 14,15,16,17.

Anyone with a 100.4 fever or above will be required to leave the facility and follow up with their personal healthcare provider.

4. Game Schedule: Games have been staggered to best promote social distancing.  Please allow other teams/spectators to leave field areas before moving onto the field.

5. Tents: NO tents will be allowed inside the perimeter spectator line (orange) surrounding the 11v11 field whatsoever.

6. Field Information:

a. ALL team benches have been removed. Each player should bring their own chair or sit on the grass to social distance on the sideline.

b. All spectator bleachers have been removed.

c. Coaches and players MUST maintain a 6ft social distance on the field sidelines in the team areas. Masks must be worn if unable to maintain 6ft distance. Players, coaches, and referees engaged on the field do not need to wear masks.

d. No tents, chairs, or spectators are allowed inside orange perimeter line.  Only coaches, players, and referees are allowed inside this line.

e. ALL Spectators and Parents on the sidelines (perimeter line) watching games and cheering should be 12ft apart. This is required by the Shelby County Health Department. Within 12ft individuals MUST wear a mask. Other areas around the fields, common areas, pathways, for example, individuals must be 6ft apart or wear a mask.

7. Bathrooms: There are bathrooms by fields 13 & 15 and 2 & 4 as well as in the Stadium. Main doors MUST be leftopen. Masks or cloth face coverings are required to enter the bathrooms, and 6ft social distancing is required. Bathroom locations also are equipped with hand sanitizer.




•       Players must have gone through temperature screening and received an approved wristband in order to participate.  The wristband is good for all games scheduled on that day.

•       Players should not share personal equipment or water bottles. Players must have adequate ways to hydrate throughout the game.

•       Players should not share snacks or fruits with any other players.

•       When not involved in the game, player must practice social distancing or wear masks on the sideline.

•       Players are asked not the take the field until the previous team has vacated the facilities. (20 mins before scheduled kickoff time)




•       Teams will have approximately 20 minutes to warm up on the field. Team Cannot use other areas of the complex to warm-up.

•       The Home Team will provide Clean and Sanitized Balls for the Game

•       We will not be providing benches or bleachers for the games.

•       Players and Coaches must either wear masks or practice appropriate social distancing if not directly involved in the game. 

•       No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps, huddles, group celebrations, etc., should take place, including when goals are scored, or when substitutions are leaving or entering the field.

•       No post-game handshakes should take place. Consider other forms of sportsmanship

•       Teams should pack-up and immediately leave the complex following the game.  Post-game meetings should be kept brief.

•       Players should not take off any equipment until they have left the facility.


•       Are encouraged to stay in vehicles until 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.

•       Are encouraged to sit on the opposite side of the field facing their team bench.

•       Are encouraged to practice social distancing of at least 6ft apart, if social distancing cannot occur than a face mask should be worn.

•       Are encouraged not to enter into the team areas.

Other Information

•       We will not host Awards Ceremonies for Champions and Runners up. The Coach/Manager can come by soccer central to collect medals and present to their teams.

•       In the case of inclement weather, all participants/spectators should return to their vehicles immediately.

•       All scores and results will be posted online.

Players/Spectators/Officials/Staff/Coaches Should not Attend


•       If they are exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, or they think they may have the virus or have been in close contact with someone with the virus.

•       If they have tested positive 10 days prior to the tournament.


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