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You must upload the following items to your team Gotsport account (link at the bottom of this page).

1.  Your current 2021-2022 approved roster with all jersey numbers (you may write on guest players and jersey numbers).  Please draw a line through any players that will NOT be participating in the event.

2.  USYSA, US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY or USSSA player AND coach cards/passes for all participating players (including guest players) in one file and in the order they are listed on your roster.  

3.  Permission to Travel form for all USYSA teams registered outside the State of Tennessee.

4.  Current medical release forms for each player (including guest players) in one file in the order they are listed on your roster. Do not upload individual files for each player. (your home state‚Äôs medical release form is acceptable).  

5.  Guest Player Forms.  Players within the same club are not considered Guest Players and can be written on the roster with player name, ID number, birth date & jersey number.  

**Please send all documents in a PDF format and in alphabetical order. Documents should be in 1 file for each specific category.**

Guest players from a different club will each require a Guest Player Form (acquired from the organization with whom you register) to be uploaded.  Guest players should be written on roster with ID number, birth date & jersey number.  You may have up to 5 guest players.

*22 players on U13 and older teams (all 22 can play in each game). 
*16 players on U12 and U11 9v9 rosters
*14 players on U10 and younger 7v7 rosters

Log into your team Gotsport account to complete the check in process

All other questions should be directed to Collin Scott, [email protected]


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