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Collierville Soccer Association tournament  Rules



You must upload the following items to your team Gotsport account (link at the bottom of this page).

1.  Your current 2021-2022 approved roster with all jersey numbers (you may write on guest players and jersey numbers).  Please draw a line through any players that will NOT be participating in the event.

2.  USYSA, US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY or USSSA player AND coach cards/passes for all participating players (including guest players) in one file and in the order they are listed on your roster.  

3.  Permission to Travel form for all USYSA teams registered outside the State of Tennessee.

4.  Current medical release forms for each player (including guest players) in one file in the order they are listed on your roster. Do not upload individual files for each player. (your home state’s medical release form is acceptable).  

5.  Guest Player Forms.  Players within the same club are not considered Guest Players and can be written on the roster with player name, ID number, birth date & jersey number.  

**Please send all documents in a PDF format and in alphabetical order. Documents should be in 1 file for each specific category.**

Guest players from a different club will each require a Guest Player Form (acquired from the organization with whom you register) to be uploaded.  Guest players should be written on roster with ID number, birth date & jersey number.  You may have up to 5 guest players.

*22 players on U13 and older teams (all 22 can play in each game). 
*16 players on U12 and U11 9v9 rosters
*14 players on U10 and younger 7v7 rosters

Log into your team Gotsport account to complete the check in process

All other questions should be directed to Collin Scott, [email protected]



All players on a team will wear identical uniforms (Shirts, shorts and socks), with the exception of the goalkeeper who must wear colors which distinguish them from the other players on the field of play. Player numbers must be affixed to the backs of the uniform shirts and no duplicate numbers are allowed on a team.   Shirts will be tucked in at the start of play.    The Home and Away team will be posted on the game schedule.  The Home team will be required to wear light colored jerseys. The Away (or Visiting) team must wear dark colored jerseys. In case of a conflict of uniform colors, the team not complying will be responsible for changing to a different color acceptable to the Center Referee. Each team must be able to present a game ball to the referee prior to the start of each game.  Hard cast, when allowed by the Center Referee, must be padded. Shin guards are mandatory for all matches.



Division    Roster              Ball Size                   Half Time             Game Time          Semis & Finals 

U 9-10         14                        4                           5                 2 x 25 min          Penalty Kicks

U 11             16                        4                           5                  2 x 25 min          Penalty Kicks

U 12             16                        4                           5                  2 x 30 min          Penalty Kicks            

U 13-14        22                        5                           5                 2 x 30 min          Penalty Kicks

U 15-16        22                        5                          5                 2 x 35 min         Penalty Kicks

U 17-19        22                        5                          5                 2 x 40 min          Penalty Kicks


U9 - U10 will play 7v7 with a maximum roster of 14

U11 – U12 will play 9v9 (max roster of 16) and 11v11 format (max roster of 22)



Kickoff will be the scheduled time unless games are delayed.  Each team must be ready to play at the scheduled time or immediately after the conclusion of the previous match as determined by the referee.  Any team not ready to play with a minimum of seven (7) players for 11v11 play is subject to forfeiture of the match (no grace period).


IV.  POINT SYSTEM (based on the following scoring system):

             Win =   3 points

 Tie =    1 point 

 Loss =  points

Forfeit is scored as a 0-4 loss and a total of three (3) points will be awarded to the opponent. No team receiving a forfeit will be allowed to advance beyond bracket play nor will they be eligible for awards in round robin play. 



Please be advised that the GotSoccer scheduling software has been known to misapply the official Tournament tiebreakers under the STANDINGS & RESULTS link. The schedule will, however, will always accurately reflect the advancing team.

  1. To determine preliminary winners and wild cards, if necessary (in order):

1.     Winner of head to head competition. 

2.     Highest goal differential – goals for minus goals against [maximum four (4) goals per game after subtraction].
Ex. – A 10-6 win for team A would result in four (4) goals counted as “Goal Differential” for team A.

3.     Least total goals allowed [maximum four (4) goals per game]
Ex. – A 9-8 loss for team B would result in four (4) goals” counted against team B

4.     Most shut-outs (includes 0-0 ties for this tiebreaker)

5.     Least goals allowed (no maximum)

6.     Most goals scored (no maximum)

7.     Penalty kicks (FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark)


  1. For semi-final and final games:

1.     If tied after regulation, Penalty kicks (FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark)


C.        Flights of Four are “Round Robins” and will have no Final. Winner and Finalist will be determined by points. If tied in points, tiebreakers will be utilized to determine a winner (administered by condition D below).

D.  When multiple teams are tied in points after bracket play concludes, the following method shall apply to resolve the tiebreakers:

1. Tie breaker number one (head to head) will only be used to advance a team if that team has played and beaten all other remaining tied teams. If not, head to head will be disregarded for ALL subsequent passes.

2. Teams shall be either advanced or eliminated with each mandatory pass through the tie breakers.             

E. Consolation Games will have no overtime period if tied after regulation. Consolation Preliminary Games (games whose winner proceeds to a Consolation Final) & Wild card games will proceed directly to FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark in order to determine a winner. Consolation placement will be determined not by group standing but, rather, by matching teams from different brackets, different states, etc. The tournament schedule will delineate consolation placement and it is the responsibility of the teams to ascertain their time and field from the schedule. The decision of the Tournament Director is final. 


Players may be substituted with the consent of the referee at the following times:

  • Prior to a throw-in by team in possession OR both teams, if team in possession first requests a substitution. 
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team
  • After a goal by either team
  • In the event of an injury, by either team
  • When the referee stops to caution a player only that player may be substituted prior to restart

·       An ejected player may not be substituted.  The team must play short for the remainder of the game.

No player will leave the field of play without the consent of the referee and players will enter and leave the field at the mid-line (unless otherwise directed by the Center Referee).



Any player receiving a red card will be removed from the immediate game and will be suspended for the next game. Players that are sent off will serve their suspension away from the bench.  A second red card on the same player will result in the player being removed from any further participation in the tournament. Any coach guilty of a sending off offense will be removed from the immediate game and will be suspended for the next game.  Coaches that are sent off will serve their suspension away from the bench and will not attempt to coach the team, thereafter, by any means, directly or indirectly. A second red card on the same coach will result in the coach being removed from any further participation in the tournament. All Red Cards will be reported to the appropriate State Association. The team coach is responsible for all actions of physical and verbal abuse toward referees by their teams and spectators.  Such abuse will not be tolerated.  Violation may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from the tournament. 



In case of inclement weather, the staff of Mike Rose Soccer Complex is responsible for determining if games will be played.  In the absence of Soccer Complex staff, the Tournament Director will determine if games will be played.  Once the game is started the decision to continue play rests with the referee.  Games shall be considered complete if one half of the game has been played.  The score at the time of stoppage of play will be the final score.  If one half has not elapsed and the game is stopped the game may be rescheduled if it affects the outcome of the tournament and if weather permits. IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER DURING THE TOURNAMENT, THE DIRECTOR HAS THE AUTHORITY TO RESTRUCTURE OR CANCEL THE TOURNAMENT.  THE TOURNAMENT MAY NOT BE RESCHEDULED AND NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. ANY TOURNAMENT CANCELED BEFORE THE START WOULD RECEIVE FULL REFUNDS LESS ADMINISTRIVE COSTS.  The CSA Tournament Committee, Tournament Directors, Mike Rose Complex and Staff are not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part.



All participants and spectators must abide by the MRSC Complex rules. Visit the complex web site at for details. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed and smoking is only allowed at the lake area.



The Tournament  is hosted by Collierville Soccer Association (CSA), 475 E. South St., Suite 112, Collierville, TN 38017.  CSA is a Class A member of Tennessee Soccer, 100 Country Club Drive, Hendersonville, TN 37075  the National State Association (NSA) of Tennessee for the US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) an affiliate of the US Soccer Federation (USSF). No Protests are allowed. Any situation or questions on rules of competition not covered herein will be governed by TN Soccer, USYSA, USSF and FIFA Administrative rules, in that order.  Any matters not provided for in Tournament Rules or TN Soccer, USYSA, USSF or FIFA rules shall be determined by the Tournament Director, whose decisions will be final. 






7v7 Small-Sided Games


Goal Sizes:  6.5 x 18.5 feet (this is the same as before) and conforms to TN Soccer and USSF Initiatives.


Field Size: 55yds x 35yds (this is the same as before) and conforms to TN Soccer and USSF Initiatives.


NEW!! – BUILD OUT LINES:  A build out line will be painted on each side of the 7v7 fields, from sideline to sideline.  This line will be set at 20yds from the goal line.  This line is required for 7v7 play at the U9, & U10 age groups.  The minimum distance is 14yds from the goal line and the maximum distance is the half way line, we have chosen to split the difference between the penalty area and the half way line.  However, as we receive feedback from coaches and referees, the distance of this line maybe adjusted.  The build out line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back in an unpressured setting.


HOW DOES THIS BUILD OUT LINE WORK? When the GK catches the ball and has possession in hands the opposing team must drop behind this line (wherever it is).  When played out or dropped into play at the GK feet the opponent may again play freely.  On a goal keeper save (through the run of play) the players on the opposing team, need to go behind the build out line to allow/permit the goalkeeper to play the ball wide to their teammates or to play to himself before the opponent may make play on the ball. As soon as the ball is in play to teammate or self, the opponent is free to engage regardless of where they are.  For example, if the GK chooses to restart quickly and the opponent has not made it back to the build out line they need not run all the way back.   They may immediately engage the ball due to the quick restart of play.  


GOAL-KICK:  On a goal kick all players for the opposing team need to be at behind the build out line before the kick is taken.  Keepers may do a short or long goal kick as it pertains to the normal rules of play.  i.e their goal kick may go beyond the build out line with no infraction.


BALL IN KEEPERS HANDS:  Opposing team players must begin to drop behind the build out line.


KEEPER DROPS BALL AT FEET TO DRIBBLE OR PASS:  The play is now live even if opposing team has NOT dropped behind the build out line.


KEEPER ROLLS BALL OUT TO TEAMMATE: Play is live, and the opposing team may now approach.




OFFSIDE:  Are there still off-sides in 7v7?  YES.   Where can a player be “offside”? 


• **Please note that with the addition of the build out lines in the 7 vs 7 format, a player can only be offside between the oppositions build out line and end line. A player cannot be offside between the halfway line and the oppositions build out line. *** 


• _In the 9 vs 9 format, offside can ONLY occur between the half way line and the opposition team’s goal line.



PUNTING:  Punting the ball will not be allowed and an Indirect Free Kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the place of infraction.


HEADING: There will be no Heading allowed in any U9, U10, or U11 age groups.  (Please see below for scenarios and infractions)


9v9 Small-Sided Games


Goal Sizes:  7 x 21 feet (this is the same as before) and conforms to TNSoccer and USSF Initiatives.


Field Size: 75yds x 50yds (this is 5 yds longer than before) and conforms to TNSoccer and USSF Initiatives.

PUNTING:  Punting the ball WILL be allowed for both U11 and U12. Punting has just been updated to the U11 age group.


HEADING: There will be no Heading allowed in any U9, U10, or U11 age groups.  U11 age groups playing 9v9 will NOT be allowed to head the ball (Please see below for scenarios and infractions).  U12 age group playing 9v9 WILL be ALLOWED to head the ball.


Unusual circumstances and applying the “no heading” rule to the U3-U11 ages category:

  • If in the referee’s opinion a player intentionally attempts to deny a goal scoring opportunity by “heading” the ball and the ball enters the goal without being played by another player …. Goal is allowed and player cautioned.
  • If in the opinion of the referee a player intentionally “heading” the ball (not denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity) … play is stopped an INDIRECT FREEKICK awarded to team last in possession at the spot of infraction but not closer than the goal box area.
  • If in the referee’s opinion a player inadvertently ”heading” the ball …  play is not stopped as no infraction occurred.


475 E. South Street, Suite 112
Collierville, Tennessee 38017

Phone: 901-854-8724
Email: [email protected]


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday: 1 - 6 pm