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College Advisory Program (CAP) Introduction

The College Advisory Program (C.A.P.) provides high school age players and their parents with an introduction to the college recruiting, scholarship, financial support, and selection process. This process can be bewildering at times and the intent of the C.A.P. is to offer factual advice and assist in every way possible. Lobos Rush Soccer Club CAP Director, Mark Forrest will provide guidance but, will not do those tasks that the player and parents can and must do for themselves. On the following pages you will find everything you need from information to links, and videos to successfully navigate this process. We encourage parents and players to actively engage with their coaches and CAP Director throughout the process.

Recruiting Timeline

Division 1 NCAA soccer recruiting rules

These rules break down when athletes can receive specific forms of communication from coaches based on their year in high school:

  • June 15 after sophomore year: Coaches can start extending verbal offers and sending athletes all forms of private electronic correspondence, including text messages, instant messages, direct messages and emails, as well as all recruiting materials. Coaches can start calling athletes at this point. Coaches can also start conducting off-campus contact with athletes at their home or school.

    Additionally, coaches can begin initiating communication with athletes during camps and clinics.
  • August 1 before junior year: Athletes may begin taking official or unofficial campus visits. Athletic departments can also start participating in recruits’ unofficial visits, helping to schedule activities or meetings with coaches.

Division 2 NCAA soccer recruiting rules

The NCAA men’s soccer recruiting rules for Division 2 schools are slightly more relaxed than those for Division 1, with most contact starting in the summer of the athlete’s junior year:

  • Any time: Athletes can receive brochures for camps, questionnaires, NCAA materials and non-athletic recruiting publications.
  • June 15 after sophomore year: Coaches may begin calling athletes, as well as send emails, texts and messages. They can also conduct off-campus communications with athletes and/or their parents. At this time, athletes may start taking official visits.

Division 3 NCAA soccer recruiting rules

D3 men’s soccer colleges have the most relaxed recruiting rules among NCAA division levels:

  • Recruiting materials: Athletes can receive recruiting materials at any time.
  • Telephone calls: There is no limit on when college coaches can call athletes.
  • Off-campus contact: After the athlete’s sophomore year, college coaches may begin to conduct off-campus communications.
  • Official visits: Athletes can begin taking official visits after January 1 of their junior year.

Check Out Our Recent Recruits

At Lobos Rush over the last 5 years we have had over $2 million dollars awarded in Soccer Scholarships.  We are one of the leading clubs in the Southeast in getting players into college- check out our recent recruiting classes below.

2021 College Commitments

2020 College Commitments

2019 College Commitments

Lobos Video Highlight Program

RUSH National CAP

One of the benefits of being part of the global Rush network is the ability to use all of the terrific resources.  Below you can check out the Rush National CAP page and there you can find all the latest news and also download the CAP App and register to guest play at different events. 

CAP National Page

CAP Director Services

  • 1 on 1 meetings with players and parents
  • Strategic Plans to help with the recruiting process
  • Mock Phone/In-Person interviews
  • Soccer Resumé review/edit
  • Highlight video assistance
  • Access to our college recruiting files
To set up a meeting with Mark Forrest, our college counselor please email [email protected] or call 901-854-8724

Annual College Soccer Symposium


Annual College Symposium 

Boys: Saturday, February 5, 2022 / 9 - 10 am
Girls: Saturday, February 12, 2022 / 9 - 10 am

At Christian Brothers High School

The annual symposium is part of the Lobos Rush College Advisory Program (C.A.P). Hear directly from college coaches and representatives from Div. I, II, III, and NAIA colleges and learn what they look for in a soccer player. Additionally, meet student-athletes who recently went through the recruiting process and learn from their experience.

A complimentary event for all youth soccer players U13+ and their parents participating in the College Showcase.

Goalkeeper Clinic

Boys: Saturday, February 5, 2022 / 8 - 9 am
Girls: Saturday, February 12, 2022 / 8 - 9 am

At Christian Brothers High School turf fields
Organized in conjunction with the College Symposium. Open to all goalkeepers participating in the College Showcase and attending the college symposium. 


College Fit Finder

Lobos Rush is excited to announce our partnership with College Fit Finder for our High School age groups in an effort to further assist our players in connecting them to the collegiate level.

As we strive to engage players, parents, and our own staff in the recruiting process, the club is providing this robust tool to EVERY High School age player/family.

The College Fit Finder provides our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. This comprehensive system allows for individuals to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. As a club, we are committed to not only player development, but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate athletics and accessing higher education. The College Fit Finder will provide uniformity to the club's recruiting efforts and will allow for our coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping our athletes throughout the process.

We look forward to facilitating the recruiting efforts of every family looking to play at the next level.


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