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You must upload the following items to your team Gotsport account (link at the bottom of this page).

1.  Your current 2021-2022 approved roster with all jersey numbers (you may write on guest players and jersey numbers).  Please draw a line through any players that will NOT be participating in the event.

2.  USYSA, US Club Soccer, AYSO, SAY or USSSA player AND coach cards/passes for all participating players (including guest players) in one file and in the order they are listed on your roster.  

3.  Permission to Travel form for all USYSA teams registered outside the State of Tennessee.

4.  Current medical release forms for each player (including guest players) in one file in the order they are listed on your roster. Do not upload individual files for each player. (your home state‚Äôs medical release form is acceptable).  

5.  Guest Player Forms.  Players within the same club are not considered Guest Players and can be written on the roster with player name, ID number, birth date & jersey number.  

**Please send all documents in a PDF format and in alphabetical order. Documents should be in 1 file for each specific category.**

Guest players from a different club will each require a Guest Player Form (acquired from the organization with whom you register) to be uploaded.  Guest players should be written on roster with ID number, birth date & jersey number.  You may have up to 5 guest players.

*22 players on U13 and older teams (all 22 can play in each game). 
*16 players on U12 and U11 9v9 rosters
*14 players on U10 and younger 7v7 rosters

Log into your team Gotsport account to complete the check in process

All other questions should be directed to Collin Scott, [email protected]

The approved roster may be kept, at the discretion of the Referee, but you have four copies - one for each game you may play over the weekend. IF the Center Referee holds your player cards, however, PLEASE ensure you get them back at the end of the game...unless a player is sent off. That card MUST be retrieved at SoccerCentral following the next game. 

     It is paramount that your team be warmed up and ready to play at game time. MRSC has ample space between fields to stretch, run and do technical drills. We need all teams ready to play AT GAME TIME!!  
     Please let your parents know that Parking Passes will cost $10 for cars ($40 for buses) and are good for the entire weekend. This fee is assessed by the complex itself and the traffic volunteers are not associated with the Tournament staff. Please refer to the Mike rose complex rules and regulations - A complex map can be found on the back of the pass. The complex will sell these passes at Registration as it facilitates quicker ingress into the facility SAT morning. (If you don't buy your passes Friday night tell your parents to have a five dollar bill at the ready SAT morning as they drive into the complex!) There is often a line that forms for that first Saturday morning game as a result so plan accordingly. Please let your parents know that all four traffic lanes can be utilized when coming into the complex for the first SAT games. Thereafter, only the right side of the entry island will be for ingress. The road through the park is one way. Also, like all large parking lots, please DO NOT leave valuables in plain sight. 
    Medals are provided for both Champion and Finalist for all medal brackets (Predator, Copa & Samba) including the Round Robins in all CSA events except the College Showcase. Awards are presented at the Stadium. 
     Schedules will be posted on our web site throughout the weekend and scores will be entered real time. We are trying to reduce the amount of needless paperwork ("Going Green") so no hard copy Schedule Board is kept. The website is the primary means of retreiving scores and game scores will be posted moments after the games end!!! Sunday's semi, wildcard & consolation status can be ascertained quickest by checking the web site. No individual notification will be made regarding playoff times and fields. It is the manager's responsibility to check the web site or Schedule Board to ascertain standings. 
     We have two certified Sports Trainers at the complex. These trainers can perform first aid as well as diagnose sports related injuries. A Field Marshal, stationed at the intersection of every four fields, has a radio and will call the trainers if they witness an injury. The trainers will also tape ankles on a "when available" basis. You will need to proceed to the Trainers Tent, located north of Field 14, to have preventative wrapping. 
     Field Marshals are also there to assist you. They are an invaluable resource to help you. They will be calling in scores "real time" and can recommend places to eat or directions to your hotel. Our Marshals have extras copies of our Sponsors Directory and your Tournament program has a great map with restaurant and shop locations provided. The Avenue Carriage Crossing is less than two miles east of the complex. This open air mall has numerous restaurants and is a great place to grab a bite to eat between games.
     Memphis weather can be quite fickle. I will provide weather updates the week of the tournament. No water is provided at the fields so we highly recommend you have your players bring their own water bottles. 
     If play must be stopped due to adverse weather, an air horn will make one long blast. Play will be discontinued for a minimum of 20 minutes once a stoppage has occurred. Two loud blasts from the horn will signify continued play. Our web site will also provide valuable weather information and we will email and text all coaches and managers with pertinent weather information. Feel free to call  (901) 854-8724  if you do not have access to the Internet. Weather messages will be left on the Office answering machine if applicable.
     Bathroom facilities are located in the Stadium and at the Restroom kiosks located next to field six as well as thirteen. The Stadium has bathrooms at TWO locations: the Concession pavilion as well as under the large grandstands. If you are participating in games on Fields 2 & 3, the shortest route to bathrooms will be the Stadium grandstand facilities. You can access these bathrooms by going through the open chain link gate along the Stadium perimeter fence. In addition, port-o-lets are located next to field 9 (for lower fields) and field 13 &17 (for upper fields). 
     Concession carts drive around the complex and are also available at the Stadium. Gatorade, water and soft drinks are available at both locations as well as snack items. We do not control the concession. They are managed by the complex.


475 E. South Street, Suite 112
Collierville, Tennessee 38017

Phone: 901-854-8724
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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am - 3 pm Tuesday and Thursday: 1 - 6 pm